Light cream (dB//_ iv//iv ry//ry)

född: 2010-01-23

Köpt sommaren 2010, blev handmatad då hans föräldrar överget honom och hans bror. Är en nyfiken men lite nervös krabat. Födde upp Berilias ungar tillsammans med Paloma och Octarine. Har tics som blommar upp lite extra när han är nervös då blir det ganska mycket "duttande" från honom. Kallas därför Dutten. Eftersom det visat sig att hans ungar blir extra nervösa är han helt utagen ur avel.

"In the Discworld universe, magic is broken into elementary particulate fragments in much the same way that energy and other forces are in real-world quantum physics. The basic unit of Discworld magic is the thaum (from the Greek thauma, marvel), equal to the amount of mystical energy required to conjure up one small white pigeon, or three normal-sized billiard balls. Several SI-modifiers have been applied to it (e.g. millithaum, kilothaum) in the books. Discworld magic can be measured with a thaumometer, which is described as a black cube with a dial on one side. A standard thaumometer is good for up to a million thaums, beyond that level, Discworld reality starts to break down. The thaum also appears to be a particle; the Discworld physics equivalent of the atom. "Splitting the thaum" revealed that it was in fact composed of numerous sub-particles, called resons ("thingies") which in turn are created from a combination of up to five "flavours": up, down, sideways, sex appeal, and peppermint (see the real-world quarks)."