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From today (23/8-2013) i will be a closed rabbetry for a while
Tizzy Angora

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In real life:

I live in Sweden and have 1 blind angorabunny, 5 rescue canaries and 5 aquariums.

I love to draw and paint, especially porcelain. My deviantart page for some examples =).

In game:

I'm concentrating on breeding silver tipped blue steel carrier BEW and orange angoras. I have some of the best non-perm Angoras in the game.

2012-10-13 I got my first perfect angora!

I now also have a few european wild rabbits even thou I didn't meant to. I have some of the best non-perm EWR in the game!

2013-12-24 I got my first perfect european wild rabbit!

I started breeding peruvian guinea pigs. It's the only GP I really like. I'm going to breed for dalmatian/roan broken blue & cream otter.

2013-03-13 I got my first perfect peruvian!

I got some sumatrans also. Don't have any special plans for them

2018-11-25 I got my first perfect sumatran


2012-10-28 I got my first perfect mini rex! 2014-08-21 I decided to stop breeding mini rex


Pretty Maid's Tizzy. Turbo's Dafne, Tizzy's Nymphadora. Tizzy's Nymphadora, Turbo's Dafne.

Tizzy's Lupin. Tizzy's Lupin. Turbo's Dafne.

Sale and stud

Right now, I will not sell or stud out my animals. If I do they will appear in the Classifieds.

Rabbit studs - Guniea pig studs

Rabbits for sale - Guinea pigs for sale

Rabbit kits for sale - Guinea pig pups for sale